Geo Mitchell Bath Salts


Stress is a big problem in today’s world. I didn’t really think it would ever apply to me, I’m not a surgeon or in a high-powered job, heck I don’t even have kids, but we are all susceptible to it in varying degrees and it affects everyone differently. When I’m stressed, often without even realising it, my body lets me know through patches of eczema and  blemishes and I think prolonged stress had something to do with contributing to my autoimmune illness. It’s helpful to recognise these warning signs which tell us to slow down and perhaps reassess our lifestyle. So how do we unwind and let go of the tension? I’ve been finding soothing warm baths effective lately, especially before bed. For me warm not hot water is important as I find too high a temperature has the opposite effect and makes me feel agitated.

Essential oils are a great addition to a lovely soak and these Relax, Naturally bath salts from Geo Mitchell smell wonderful and contain a de-stressing lavender blend. They kindly sent me a sample sachet to try and review. These are full of minerals for the skin thanks to the epsom and dead sea salts and have a soothing, refreshing fragrance of eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary and peppermint. I wish you could smell these through the screen! Geo Mitchell was started by three brothers when one of them, James, found relief for his breathing difficulties through an essential oil blend and they launched a line of vaporising diffusers. Their brand went from there and they increased the range to create these bath salts.

Personally I would have added a little more than this sachet to my bath as I love the minty scent but this is the amount they recommend. My skin felt beautifully soft after soaking in the salts and it was great for relieving muscular tension in my shoulders. Epsom is beneficial for inflammation, cramps and joint pain and the minerals found in dead sea salt help to detoxify the body and heal the skin. The essential oils calmed my whirring brain and I had a blissful night’s sleep.

If you don’t have access to a bath you need to borrow someone else’s! Or it would work beautifully as a foot soak too. I’d love to try their other option Breathe, Naturally bath salts with pine and eucalyptus, I think that would be fantastic if you were full of a cold. Go support this growing British company and I know your body and mind will thank you for it.


(Product gifted by company for review but opinions are my own.)


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