XO Balm


Multi-purpose skin balms seem to be the thing just now. A concentrated one-stop pot with a multitude of uses. So what makes this one different?

Charlotte, the creator and founder of XO Balm, wanted to create a natural product for her eczema and dry skin issues, having found no long-lasting relief from conventional products. She used her knowledge of cosmetics from working in the beauty industry, blending four simple ingredients to produce this gentle but effective balm– coconut oil, beeswax, olive oil and chia seed oil.

Coconut oil– acts as an anti-bacterial shield, rich in vit E for general skin health, full of fatty acids to moisturise, protective quality to reduce premature ageing.

Beeswax– calms, soothes, conditioning properties, softens the skin, a humectant (attracts moisture), a water resistant layer.

Olive oil– reduces irritation, deeply moisturises and softens, is easily absorbed, has anti-oxidant qualities.

Chia seed oil– diminishes redness, relieves dryness, rich in anti-inflammatory omega 3 and 6, promotes skin repair.

Read on for my experience…


This is a solid product (45ml) housed in a tin small enough to carry around in your bag, it also has a mirror in the lid which is a welcome addition. Initially I was struggling to use the balm, it’s such a firm consistency I couldn’t get it out and therefore the spatula provided is a necessity in my opinion as well as being hygienic. Do not be put off by the hard texture, scoop some of the product out and warm it well in the palm of your hand before applying. It has no added fragrance but smells faintly of honey, which I love, thanks to the beeswax.

I was amazed by how long this lasted on my skin even after washing my hands and that is what makes this product unique for me. It’s like a protective, soothing glove. Since I have an auto-immune illness I suffer from quite a dry mouth which means I’m frequently drinking water, which then means more trips to the loo and lots of hand-washing, so this is a fantastic find. My patches of eczema weren’t resolved by using this as I find stress exacerbates mine so I need to work on methods for coping with that instead but they were prevented from getting worse and the skin looked healthier. I like that this is non-greasy and matte, making it easy to get on with whatever you need to do. This is truly a hard-working skin hero and you need a tiny amount so it’s going to last forever.

You can use this to soften cuticles, for smoothing the ends of your hair, under makeup as a primer, on heels and elbows, to moisturise flaky lips, to groom unruly brows (I’m not particularly blessed in that department but on a bushier brow it works great) and even for adhering glitter. You don’t have to worry about it leaking either, making it ideal for travel. I’ll be getting another pot for use in my professional makeup kit for sure. This brand makes sustainability a priority too with their reused packing materials, sourcing from local suppliers and by supporting the Give Bees a Chance charity. Thank you Charlotte for kindly sending me XO Balm to test out, my skin is very grateful.

(Product sent by company for review but opinions are entirely my own.)



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